Midnight Labradorite Bracelet | String of Stones Bracelet.

A hand-strung, adjustable, modern strand of Labradorite semi-precious stones with raw rosewood beads for your essential oils.


This hand-strung strand of dark gray and smoky white Labradorite polished stones looks and feels weighty.  The modern style is created by stringing the bold stones on a stark white strand of 100% cotton, resulting in a beautifully high-contrast and yet neutral piece of jewelry.  The bracelet begins and ends with raw rosewood beads for on-the-go use with your favorite essential oils, and is united with an adjustable lobster clasp to fit most wrist sizes!

Labradorite History & Meaning

The history behind the Labradorite stones is fascinating!  First known to the Inuit, Labradorite was first discovered on Paul’s Island in Labrador, Canada.  Its close connections with the Aurora Borealis seen in that area have formed a strong history of mysticism around the semi-precious stone.  It has been embraced by those people who long to embrace the mysteries of the universe.  The interplay of colors, the way the streaks of smoke wind their way through the stones, links it with thoughts of transformation and may hold special meaning for those facing life’s transitional moments!

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