Graffiti Fire Stretch Bracelet.

The Graffiti Fire Bracelet looks like a tagged got hold of it – black and white base colors are layered with pops of bright colors giving it a graffiti look and feel.


This bracelet is the one. The one bracelet I made for me in the Fall | 21 collection. Its base colors are white and black, swirled and flecked and cut with pops of bold colors that look like they were spray painted on! The beads are polished agate natural stones which lend this bracelet a bit of heft. Alternating with the agate beads are metal smooth silver spacer beads, creating an uninterrupted circle. There is no front/back, top/bottom, start/finish to this bracelet – it is one continuous loop! Finally, it is strung on thick, expensive stretch elastic for added durability and easy on/off – no fumbling with clasps here!

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .25 in

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