Grizzly Straps

Sip It.

When your team is playing, you need the perfect drink in your hand, and the perfect drink needs the perfect cup!  Make your fave tumbler even more comfy and cool with the Grizzly Handle.


Grip It.

Dirt beneath your feet, wind in your hair, sun on your face.  Whether you’re hiking a trail or parked on the beach, the Grizzly Grip makes staying hydrated easy and comfortable.


Clip It.

Perfect for the kid-on-the-go, the Grizzly Clip frees your hands and keeps drinks off the ground and clean.  Think sports, extra curricular activities, school, and more!



Collect them all and style your cords with PIN CHARMS!  Pin Charms are made from the cutest cabochons and attach right to your corded item with ease.

What's so Great about paracord

It's Strong

Like crazy strong!  It’s called 550-cord because it can hold up to 550 lbs before it even thinks about breaking!

It's Portable

You can take it anywhere.  In fact, in the 1990s, $8 of paracord was used to repair the $2 billion Hubble Space Telescope!


It's Flexible

Paracord can be used for anything:  fishing, hunting, survival tools and weapons, netting, and so much more!